All of our submersibles are classed by DNV GL. The submersibles receive a 5-year classification after successful completion of the pressure tests, factory acceptance tests, harbour trials and final sea trials.
U-Boat Worx has achieved a remarkable lead-time for the classification of its submersibles based on series production. All U-Boat Worx submersibles comply with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) guidelines for submersibles.
           Pressure test private submersible
Crane Test Private Submersible Support Vessel     Support equipment testing
Support equipment that is used with the submersibles needs to be tested as well as part of the classification process. Lifting and handling systems are for example an important part of the safety of the entire operation.
Operational requirements
A submersible operation always includes a "pilot" and a "surface officer". The pilot is responsible for safely operating the submersible under water. The surface officer acts like a control tower overseeing the operation.

There should always be a contingency plan when operating a submersible. The plan stipulates the resources available to assist the submersible and its occupants in an unforeseen event.