1 - 10 Frequently Asked Questions

1.1 - What are the maximum depths of the C-Quester and the C-Explorer?

The C-Questers has a range of maximum 100 meter and the C-Explorer has a range of maximum 1,000 meter. Deeper models can be constructed on request. 
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1.2 - How long can you stay under water in the submersibles?

The dive time is approximately 8 hours. In case of an emergency, there is life support (oxygen and scrubber material) provided for at least 96 hours.
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1.3 - Do I need a special license or training before piloting the submersibles?

As a passenger you don’t need to have a special license or any training. The pilot, however, needs to participate in the U-Boat Worx training program. This training program takes approximately three weeks.
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1.4 - Is there any danger of decompression sickness?

No, not at all. The pressure inside the submersibles will always remain the same as on the surface. So there will be no need for decompression.
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1.5 - What are the delivery times for the submersibles?

C-Quester 2: 5 months
C-Quester 3: 4 months

The delivery times for the C-Explorers are from 10 months.
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1.6 - I would like to have a special option on the submersible that is not listed on your website or brochure. Is this possible?

Yes, we are happy to make the submersible completely to your desired specifications.
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1.7 - What are the prices of the submersibles?

If you are interested in our products, please contact us.
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1.8 - I am interested in buying your submersibles. Is there the possibility of seeing or trying it out?

Yes, we encourage you to visit us in Breda or join us for a test-dive.
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1.9 - Do the submersibles come with a warranty?

Yes, a one year limited warranty is provided.
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1.10 - When the submersible is not being used, should it be stored on land, or can I leave it in the water?

Our submersibles can be docked in the water. Alternatively, you can have it on a trailer and store it anywhere you like.
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