Maximize your inspections!

The upsurge of relatively inexpensive ROVs has increased the alternatives to manned submersibles and diving operations. There is however an increasing demand for more flexible and autonomous solutions to monitor and inspect underwater structures, e.g. pipelines. The C-Explorer submersibles have various logical benefits, which will give you a whole new range of opportunities in various offshore applications.

Challenges & Solutions

Job efficiency
The C-Explorer submersibles are only limited by battery and life support capabilities, which in any case will provide a minimum dive time of 6-8 hours, but can optionally be upgraded.

In the offshore business. U-Boat Worx offers a great advantage because of its entanglement-free design. This gives you the opportunity to perform your task without the risk of getting caught or trapped in any wires/nets, etc.

Crew requirement
The entire operation of the submersible will only require a minimum number of crew. You do not need to manage an umbilical, and one surface officer is required for managing the topside operation.

Passenger seat
Clients can be invited on board to inspect the project with their own eyes.

More information
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