Imagine having the freedom of your own personal submersible in  
 a marina near your home or even in front of your home. This will
 give you the opportunity to invite friends to come and explore the  
 ocean with you. A great advantage of the C-Quester and the C-
 Explorer is that you don’t need a yacht. Because of the double hull 
 construction of the submersibles you can easily pilot these 
 advanced underwater machines to a reef pass or a steep    
 declining wall in the ocean and  explore what’s going on below

Challenges & Solutions

Operating Capabilities
The surface speed of the submersibles is 4 knots. The sub can easily be towed by a small tender. You still have access to a large operational area with the above advantages, as the submersibles do not necessarily need to be operated in liaison with a large support ship.

The traditional research-oriented submersible will easily set you back several million euros /dollars. The ownership of a C-Quester or a C-Explorer submersible means an investment in the range of smaller luxury pleasure aircraft.

Support necessities
Each submersible operation requires liaison with a support boat and a surface officer. The C-Quester and the C-Explorer, being a boat by itself, can operate with a small tender only.

Minimal Management Obligations

Maintenance, insurance, classification renewals, and permits are not what the average individual has in mind when considering the joy of owning a personal sub. U-Boat Worx assumes full responsibility for managing these items in order to allow the client to enjoy diving with his submersible to the full extent.

More information
For any questions regarding the use of a C-Quester or the C-Explorer submersibles for personal underwater applications, do not hesitate to contact us.

Client Profile
U-Boat Worx is contracted to manufacture a private submersible for a specially designed Caribbean beachfront estate, which features an underground drive-in marina. The C-Quester and C-Explorer submarines can be piloted on the surface through a tunnel into the marina. The marina offers ultimate protection from weather influences and also acts as a submarine base, accommodating various spare parts, a support boat and workshop facilities.