U-Boat Worx Submersibles doing deep sea research Maximize your research!

 U-Boat Worx submersibles are a great choice in the field of 
 research, including marine conservation, documentary
 production, monitoring marine ecosystems and oceanography. 
 The U-Boat Worx submersibles can be equipped with 
 various accessories to suit your mission’s needs.

Challenges & Solutions

Equipment Versatility
The submersibles offer a broad range of options, from manipulator arms and bottom samplers to HD cameras. The U-Boat Worx engineers can provide everything for you to do your research.

Preparation vs. Dive-time Ratio
The preparation for a research project is usually long and strenuous. Your time at the dive site should therefore be maximised. In the C-Explorers 3 and 5 two or more observers can occupy the passenger seats and perform their tasks. If desired the subs can be equipped to undertake dives of more than 12 hours, assuming that you do not need to move the sub around continuously. Moreover the sub can be used in a wide operational setting, usually limited by the capabilities of the support ship.

Investment & Operating costs

U-Boat Worx’s scale makes the investment very economical, which is a great benefit compared to other alternatives on the market. Operating costs are also relatively low compared to other old-fashioned deep-sea subs.

Integration on existing vessels

Our submersibles are easily stored on the deck of a ship. The submersible manufacturer offers various low-weight alternatives. Crew training is performed by experienced U-Boat Worx staff and all manning requirements can optionally be outsourced to the company in order to focus completely on the task in hand.

More Information

If you would like more information or would like to discuss the suitability of the submersibles for your mission, please contact us.