C-Explorer 3 exploring shipwrecks with touristsMaximize your profits!
Diving with a submersible was a dream only made true for scientists and mariners. U-Boat Worx has now changed
the current thought on underwater recreation by the introduction of its submersibles.
The submersibles are a fantastic addition to recreational environments such as: resorts, cruise liners, diving schools, etc.
With one-atmosphere, it is far safer than scuba diving and you do not risk injuries caused by changes in air pressure like
decompression sickness, or the need of a PADI course to go diving. It is accessible for people of all ages! You can just hop in
and explore the underwater world like never before.

Imagine the possibilities of taking your guests or any tourist on a dive into the ocean and to be able to go down to hundreds of meters. U-Boat Worx truly believes that having a submersible can be a great asset to the tourist industry.

Challenges & Solutions

An exclusive experience like a personal sub ride should be offered in complete comfort. This is why U-Boat Worx has installed an air conditioning system that will cool you off immediately. All submersibles feature a spacious pressure vessel with a phenomenal 360° vision. These facts will assure that your clients will have the best possible experience on board your sub.

Preventive maintenance is essential in keeping the submersible operational on a daily basis. The submersible consist of comprehensible modules that make servicing the unit easy. U-Boat Worx also centrally stores expensive spare parts to support local operation and to minimise the need for working capital.

High Start-up Cost

U-Boat Worx offers great business opportunities. You’ll find out how easy it is to run a successful operation and that the investments are relatively low.

Operational Limitations

Another great benefit of the submersibles is the easy embarkation and disembarkation for tourists. This will gain you a lot of time, so you can go for as many dives as possible during the day or even the night, with the Li-ion batteries. The sub is small and easy to mobilise, making your operational area larger.

More Information
U-Boat Worx has developed a presentation for entrepreneurs, which covers the many aspects of starting and running an exclusive commercial submersible operation or click here.