C-Explorer 3 private submersble sailing towards super yacht  Maximize your fun!

  Yachts present the most outstanding platform for private 
  submarine operations. The idea of having your own submersible 
  is indescribable. Being able to dive wherever and whenever you 
  want. When you come across pristine reefs or steep walls, you 
  can take your submersible and become your own Cousteau. 
  And, what better way to impress your friends than by taking
  them into the depths of the ocean on board your own sub?

Challenges & Solutions

Crew Requirements
Most submersibles mean a lot of manning problems. The main issue is that a large crew is required to undertake a dive, crew who can’t be missed on board the yacht. U-Boat Worx’ super-yacht submersibles on the other hand require a small crew to facilitate a safe operation. So running a submersible operation doesn’t require too much attention from the crew and its captain. At U-Boat Worx, running a professional yacht-class submarine operation means that you will only need three crew members. If desired, U-Boat Worx can assist in providing permanent or temporary pilots and surface support personnel to manage the entire operation of the submersibles to the highest possible standards. This also transfers any challenges related to crew management to U-Boat Worx.

Safety Concerns
Having the responsibility over a multi-million dollar yacht is not something to take lightly. U-Boat Worx understands this and is devoted to absolute safety in all its submarine operations. Professionalism of the crew and maintenance are always key features. U-Boat Worx can also equip the sub with tracking and tracing devices, which allow the surface crew to follow every movement of the vessel under water. Note that a safety plan should always be in place, which covers for the highly unlikely event that the sub will not be able to make its way to the surface independently.

Impact on Yacht Operations
Once the yacht is anchored, the submersible can be launched, just like any normal tender. The sub can also be easily towed by the yacht’s tender, because of its intelligent double-hull construction. On the surface, the submersibles act like a normal boat with a maximum speed of four knots, so you don’t necessarily have to be towed.

Space and Crane Limitations

Even though most yachts have a massive size, the limited availability of functional space for tenders and other “toys” like submersibles may require the owners to rethink their options.
In 2014 U-Boat Worx launched the specially designed Super Yacht Sub and the HP Sport Sub to fit into even the most challenging spaces.

More information

U-Boat Worx has a special guide for yacht-based operations to assist yacht owners, crew, interior designers, naval architects and project managers in their plan for the integration of 
a private submarine on board a super yacht. Click here...