Support Vessels


Sea Axe 6711 – 67 meter

This Yacht Support vessel designed by AMELS & DAMEN takes your passion for diving to the next level. Equipped with a 45.5 m2 professional dive centre and a decompression chamber it is ready for advanced technical diving. For those who have a desire to dive deeper and explore the depths of the oceans in luxury and comfort, the deck offers ample space to carry the full range of U-Boat Worx submersibles. The double-knuckle crane makes launch and recovery of a submersible as easy as it can be, giving you more time to explore.

For more information please visit AMELS` website.
Brochure Sea Axe 6711

  AMELS Sea Axe Support Vessel for U-Boat Worx Submersibles
AMELS Sea Axe Support Vessel for U-Boat Worx Submersibles

Artic Sun - 90 meter

Designed by Dennis Ingemansson, the 90m Arctic Sun is destined to be a fully equipped support vessel or multipurpose explorer yacht.

The exterior design has a focus on clean surfaces with a touch of deconstructivism, often seen in modern architecture. It also offers green implementations in terms of 76,5 square meters solar cell area on the roof. 

Artic Sun is capable of carrying up to four C-Explorer submersibles, allowing for some serious underwater fun and exploration.

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  Artic Sun with four C-Explorer 5 submersibles - Design by Dennis Ingemansson
Artic Sun with four C-Explorer 5 submersibles - Design by Dennis Ingemansson

Yacht Support Vessel (YSV) – 62 meter

Marimecs and Van Geest Design have joined forces to develop a new range of 62 meter Yacht Support/Shadow Vessels (YSV).

Able to carry any one of the range of U-Boat Worx’ submersibles, this vessel stands out as a modern workboat with all the features of a superyacht.

With its large storage deck complete with a commercial crane, zero-speed stabilizers, and room for a multitude of tenders and toys, the YSV offers the ultimate “dive-anywhere“ solution.

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  Shadow Yacht for Submersible Operations by Stolk-Marimecs
Shadow Yacht for Submersible Operations by Stolk-Marimecs

H2 Yachts - Fully Hydrogen Operated Superyacht

H2-Yachts a division of the Switzerland based H2-Industries AG developed the world’s first energy autonomous Superyacht with a reach of over 6,000 nm at 10 knots. No more costs for Diesel and no more polluting the planet were the goals beside an outstanding design and functionality with harmonic and clean forms.

This unique yacht can carry U-Boat Worx` largest submersible, the subsea limousine C-Explorer 5.

For more information please visit H2 Yacht website.
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  H2 Yacht with C-Explorer 5 personal submarine

Curvelle Quaranta

Curvelle’s Quaranta was designed to challenge all the traditional standards of Yacht design.

It was designed to create 50% more interior space than similar length monohull. The spacious cabins have been designed to offer luxurious standers of comfort.  Every cabin is wonderfully light and airy and comes complete with fantastic views.

What’s more? The main deck includes a unique lifting platform/beach that lowers your personal submersible straight from the main deck into the water.

More information check Curvelle`s website.
More pictures check photogallery.
Curvelle Quaranta superyacht catamaran for C-Quester 2 submersible

Mini-Sub Transporter

Complying with U-Boat Worx` specification, naval architect Cedric Adroin developed a "small craft"carrier boat aptly named the "Mini Sub Transporter". The resultant support vessel is able to transport passengers swiftly and comfortably out to sea to various dive locations, where the sub can then be launched and the dive sites explored. This concept is based on a catamaran hull connected to a versatile platform that can accommodate two of our models: The C-Quester and C-Explorer.

Brochure English version Mini-Sub Transporter
Brochure French version Mini-Sub Transporter

Deep Blue

The Deep blue by naval architect Cedric Ardoin is dedicated for day charters with limited crew requirements. However, this support vessel can still shelter 12 passengers from the rain and spray and accommodate all their diving equipment. Moreover, the choice of engines includes inboard diesel and class 4 water jet ensuring a 25 to 30 knots cruise speed. The large platform on the back for the C-Explorer submersibles is equipped with an articulated arm that can lower down the submersible when launching is required.

The Deep Blue can easily be personalized, by adding guests cabins, crew cabins or can be upgraded for the C-Explorer 5.

Brochure English version Deep Blue
  Deep Blue Submarine Carrier Concepty by Ardoin Yacht Design for U-Boat Worx

NEDSHIP Sea Bull Concept

In collaboration with Brokers, Owners and Crew members, lots of practical and reliable design features were integrate in the 65 meter SEA BULL yacht concept.

The challenge was to realize as many wishes as possible on a Mega yacht of this size. The SEA BULL SuperYacht features a helicopter hangar and practical integration of the C-Explorer 3, a submersible for 1 pilot and 2 passenger. 

More picture, please view our photogallery.
More info about the NEDSHIP.

More info about the SEA BULL concept.

  NEDSHIP M/Y Sea Bull with C-Explorer 3 private submersible by U-Boat Worx


The Pontoon-Boat consists of aluminum pontoons and has a length of 12 meter.

The concept of this support vessel is that the submarine can sail into the rear end of the boat and can be lifted by a crane. Passengers can easily step in and out of the submarine due to the increased steps on both sides of the boat. While sailing to the perfect diving spot passengers can seat themselves on the deck and enjoy the trip.

Mondo Marine DEEP 51

The 51 meter motor yacht DEEP 51 is one of Mondo’s Marine newest projects.

As shown in the renders (please view the attachment) they designed a platform where the C-Quester 3 can be lifted from the water with a special cradle and that can be slid into the yacht. To launch the sub, the platform can tilt by which the sub gently slides into the water.

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The Moonen M/Y Sofia

The 42 meter Sofia, is the biggest project from the Dutch shipyard Moonen so far and carries a C-Quester 3 onboard. The sub is launched with a unique crane system that is integrated in the swim platform. It is invisible to the eye; once the sub is removed, the area can be used as a swim platform that supports watersports.

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