U-Boat Worx has developed the world’s leading submersible pilot training program, recognised internationally for the benefits it brings to both its customers and the industry.
Sophisticated and effective learning platforms that incorporate both theory and practical aspects provide trainee pilots with certified competence.

Each training module comprises one week of theory tutorials combined with 20-25 training dives that can be held on location or in either Holland or Malta.

Training is model-specific, but the high level of interchangeable systems and common components between the entire U-Boat Worx range of submersibles allows for efficient cross certification on different models.


The curriculum for the theory tutorials leading to a written examination comprise:

  • General submarine technology
  • Physics
  • Submersible systems (including life support, electrical systems, communication systems, etc.)
  • Operations management and dive planning
  • Safety procedures, abnormal/emergency procedures (simulation)
  • Basic maintenance and care

Personal training dives

The hands-on practical dives comprise about 20-25 training dives, and a selection of dives organised by the trainees and solo dives that highlight the following:

  • Dive procedures
  • Safety procedures and emergency management
  • Underwater navigation
  • Surface Officer procedures
  • Deep dives
  • Passenger dive

Our in-house training courses are created for different levels of competency. The most common are the CPL (Chief Pilot Licence), the PPL (Private Pilot Licence), and the SOL (Surface Officer Licence).

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