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The U-Boat Worx story began in 2005 in the Netherlands where it continues to have its design and manufacturing base. Learn more about our heritage and why U-Boat Worx is the logical choice to build your submarine.

The wide range of U-Boat Worx models includes manned personal submarines that can accommodate from one to 11 people and operate to depths of 100 meters up to 3,000 meters.

U-Boat Worx is dedicated to continuous support and growth within the global market for manned submersibles, whether it be for individuals, commercial/research/scientific survey or underwater film makers.

U-Boat Worx has grown year on year and evolved to become the largest builder of private submarines.
The Netherlands is a country renowned for its marine engineering and this heritage continues with the founding of U-Boat Worx by Bert Houtman.

Following a vision to create personal submarines that make access to the subsea readily available, Bert Houtman has realised his dream as the following timeline illustrates:

2005: Start Company

  • 2006: Delivery first C-Quester 1
  • 2007: Delivery first C-Quester 2
  • 2008: Introduction of new battery technology in submarines by U-Boat Worx fully certified
  • 2009: Delivery first C-Quester 3, the first U-Boat Worx submersible with Germanischer Lloyd (now DNV GL) classification.
  • 2009: Introduction of the C-Explorer submersible range
  • 2010: Delivery of the first C-Explorer 2
  • 2012: Delivery of the first C-Explorer 5
  • 2014: Delivery of the first C-Explorer 3
  • 2014: Launch of the HiPer Sub – fastest private submarine in the world
  • 2014: Launch of the Super Yacht Sub 3 – compact submersible for yachts, now making submarines accessible to yachts of all sizes
  • 2015: Launch of the deepest diving submarine with fully acrylic pressure hull built according to the rules by DNV GL, the C-Researcher 3
  • 2015: First submarine operational form a cruise ship, the U-Boat Worx C-Explorer 3
  • 2016: Launch of the Cruise Sub Series, deepest diving submarine carrying 5-9 persons with fully acrylic spheres.
  • 2016: Delivery of the first Super Yacht Sub 3
  • 2017: Introduction of the C-Researcher series

Experience That Counts

  • A perfect safety record having completed many thousands of dive hours all over the world
  • Largest manned submersible manufacturer measured by annual output, commissioned vessels, number of employees and units in active use
  • Delivered more submersibles than all active manufactures combined
  • First manufacturer to produce a full range of submersibles to suit a diverse and discerning customer base
  • Trained the highest number of certified submarine pilots and support crew

Built to the highest standards

Every U-Boat Worx submersible is designed, engineered and built to the highest possible standards and registered with the leading classification society, DNV GL.

In addition to U-Boat Worx’s stringent internal quality control and assurance procedures, every submarine is subjected to extensive and exhaustive testing including hydro-static pressure tests and material qualifications prior to in-house bench testing, followed by harbour then full sea trials before final delivery.

In-house engineering capability

The entire design and engineering function is carried out in-house by our highly experienced and professional work force. Using leading edge 3D design and FEM software, our expert engineers craft proven core components that are unique to our brand. The modular design philosophy provides for total flexibility to cater for each and every customer requirement.


U-Boat Worx is on the cutting edge of technology and leads the world in submersible development ensuring that our customers are always diving with the best of the best.

Testimony to our achievements is catalogued with the following innovations:

  • Introduction of flexible ballast tank technology; enhancing performance and reducing storage space requirements
  • Introduction of the MANTA controller, allowing for supervised passenger operation
  • First fully certified manned submarines with Lithium-ion battery technology
  • Introduction of the MARLIN controller making for simple launching and recovery using wireless surface control
  • U-Boat Worx are globally recognised, gaining numerous industry accolades including the prestigious “Red Dot” award

Advantages of full range production

U-Boat Worx has set the pace by producing a full and extensive range of models using its unmatched modular componentry. This has created submersibles fit for all purposes and conditions – a series of vessels to suit everyone from the private single enthusiast to the professional groups and anyone in between.
The economies of scale have given U-Boat Worx a distinct industry advantage that is passed on to their customers who enjoy the utmost quality and reliability, backed by superior after-sales service.

Ultimate Quality

The combination of renowned Dutch marine engineering and the best available materials together with unique components has delivered unmatched success to U-Boat Worx.

This formula has worked, is working and will continue to work as the company provides satisfaction to our customers past, present and future by delivering a safe, stylish, and unrivalled product.

Service & Support

U-Boat Worx offers the finest service and support. With our SubSupport, SubCharter and SubExpedition we are ready to help you with everything. Read more about these programs.

Reliable, economic and carefree maintenance

Using the best materials provides for longer and lower-cost maintenance cycles. Advanced corrosion protection with interchangeable modular components and user-friendly practices all make for safe and reliable ownership of every U-Boat Worx submersible.


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