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Inside your own private submarine you enjoy a luxury standard of comfort while diving in complete safety, viewing diverse marine life at close hand. Embark on a thrilling quest to discover exotic, as-yet unnamed, aquatic species.

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Nature has created the most beautiful underwater landscapes for us to discover. Yet this impressive subsurface realm conceals many markers of the history of mankind. Some of these sites have already been discovered, but have yet to reveal their tales. Others have been lost in time, consigned to their final deep-sea resting place, undisturbed for centuries.

Treasures to be discovered

With so much scientific knowledge about the maritime world still relatively unknown and uninvestigated, we can barely comprehend the immense value of the ocean to mankind. What are the consequences of our actions? What cures does it hold? U-Boat Worx submarines provide a perfect research platform to study the last, underwater frontier, up close.

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Offer a truly exclusive and unique experience to your guests – a dive in our submarines is something they will remember forever. Passengers will enjoy a safe and comfortable excursion underwater, and even take supervised control of the sub’s steering thanks to our intuitive MANTA Controller.

Underwater tourism; luxury resorts

Capture stunning scenes and dazzling marine life with our specialised underwater film equipment. Our state-of-the-art powerful underwater lighting systems, along with perfect stability offered by our subs, makes an ideal combination, suitable for the most demanding film-maker’s requirements.

Documentary film-making

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Sipadan Island - Barracuda Point

This is one of the most popular diving sites in the world. An outstanding location that is home to thousands of shoaling Barracuda, hence its name.
There are often White Tip and Hammerhead sharks to be found at this spot which is just offshore from Sipadan Island, where a sheer ocean wall drops away to in excess of 300 meters.

Thistlegorm Wreck

This British naval ship sank in 1941 in the Red Sea. It is considered one of the best shipwreck dives as it is still largely intact at 128 m long and much of its original cargo and fittings are still visible. It is also home to an abundance of marine life.

Great Barrier Reef

Located off the North East coast of Australia, this legendary dive spot comprises multiple easily accessed sub-diving experiences. The superb quality of the famous coral reefs teeming with colorful fish and turtles together with excellent visibility make this an unforgettable adventure.

HMHS Britannic

The sister ship of the infamous Titanic, Brittanic sank 100 years ago in the Aegean Sea. It is however much easier to dive and explore than the Titanic. This well preserved wreck due to water conditions makes this a worthwhile expedition.

Hydrothermal Vents

Part of the Atlantic Ridge System, the Hydrothermal Vents are located in the Azores. The fracture between two tectonic plates has created the vents which emit gasses that provide spectacular underwater imagery in this ecosystem.

Wrecks of Malta

Malta has always been a strategic naval base and the number of wrecks found between 20 – 100 meters in good visibility provide a smorgasbord of underwater discovery.

Bikini Island Wrecks

The US navy used the lagoon on this atoll as a dumping ground after WW2 – it contains numerous wrecks and artefacts that are virtually untouched. Prolific sea life including sharks and turtles add interest to the seascape.

Truk Lagoon Wrecks

Known as an “Underwater Museum”, Truk Lagoon has become the resting place for numerous ships, planes and naval submarines. The underwater conditions have transformed all of this hardware into artificial reefs located close to one another, enabling them to be viewed collectively whilst on a single dive.

Cocos Islands

An assortment of dive sites can be found at the Cocos Islands – sheer walls that drop away for deep dives as well as shallower grounds nearby. The number of pelagic species found here is overwhelming – fish that can only live in this finite zone, neither on the seabed nor close to shore.


Renowned for Great White sharks, this site is the place to observe these misunderstood apex predators up close from within the safety of your submarines super-strong and safe acrylic bubble.


An entirely different diving experience, but one of utter, serene beauty. A complete departure from coral reefs and tropical fish, this silent underwater world of icebergs is populated with penguins and seals – busy avoiding Orcas!

Bahamas Wreck Diving

Multiple islands and main shipping routes have provided an obstacle course for unwary Mariners over the years. Hazardous navigation has seen many ships sink in this location. A wide variety of wrecks at different depths serve as a marine sanctuary and an excellent and spectacular location to dive .

Liberty Wreck – Bali

This famous silhouette was the victim of convoy sinking by submarines during WWII. In 1963, this originally-beached ship was forced back into the sea by lava flow from a volcanic eruption. Now covered in healthy, brilliantly-colored coral, it is home to many species of fish.

Mariana Trench

At an extraordinary 11 km deep, this deepest undersea location has been the ideal site for those wishing to create dive records. With a submarine, much greater depths can be reached; it is the domain of exotic sea creatures being discovered for the first time.

The Great Blue Hole

Just off the coast of Belize lies the Great Blue Hole, some 300 meters wide and 108 meters deep. Formed during the quaternary period, it is basically a flooded cave, frequented by sharks, in crystal clear waters.

Bloody Bay Wall

Located on one of the three Cayman Islands, this is a perfect dive site for an exciting steep and deep exploration down a sheer ocean wall.

USS Vandenberg Wreck

Originally a US transport ship, this vessel was purposely scuttled and sunk just off Miami to create an artificial reef. Fully intact, this makes for a fascinating and informative dive.

Isla Mujeres

Populated with a host of tropical fish, this site is the seasonal home to the majestic Whale Sharks providing a unique opportunity to dive with these massive creatures of the deep.

Palancar Horseshoe (Cozumel)

This natural u-shaped ‘amphitheatre’ is known as the Palancar Horseshoe is the place to find everything you can imagine during a dive. Beautiful reefs, exotic fish and maybe even stingrays or sharks, Cozumel has it all.

Re d'Italia Wreck

Re d’Italia was the flagship of the Italian fleet, launched in around 1863. Now it is one of the deepest wrecks on the bottom of the Adriatic Sea (around 120 metres deep). Although this armoured frigate has been lying on the sea floor for around 200 years, it remains relatively intact. During a dive to view this shipwreck you can find cannons and other clearly defined marine fixtures resting peacefully amidst a variety of sea life.

Aeolian Islands

The Aeolian Islands consists of seven main islands; two of them are volcanos. Because of the steep rising out of the ocean, these volcanos used to be ‘strategic marine outposts’, hence the numerous wrecks on the bottom of the sea, including 2,000 year old Romans Shipwrecks with their cargo of amphorae still intact. At depths reaching 300 meters, plenty of known shipwrecks accompany those yet to be discovered.

Pioneer Seamount

For those who desire a truly unique experience, visit the Pioneer Seamount, located of the coast of San Francisco. Seamounts, like their name implies, are underwater mountains. They can be 1,000-4,000 meters in height, but will never reach the surface. Due to the difference in height in comparison with the ocean bottom, they interrupt the current, thus making it suitable for a diverse ecological life. Depths vary from 1,000-1,500 metres, an excellent depth for operating and researching with your C-Researcher.


Depths vary from 100 meters inside the atolls to 1,700 meters below when you navigate a little further from the edges of the striking underwater coral structures. Some astonishing reefs accompanied by truly amazing wrecks will ensure an incredibly varied dive program.
Truk Lagoon is also located within Micronesia.

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