C-Explorer 5 (5 persons 100m - 300m)

C-Explorer 5 submersible

Key features

  • Smart Deflatable Ballast Tanks System  (Patent Pending)
  • Depth Rating: 100 and 200 meter (300 meter on request)
  • Standard air-conditioning system
  • Standard 21.6 kWh up to Extreme 43.2 kWh Li-ion battery capacity

100 meter: € on request
200 meter: € on request

Delivery Time
On request

Classification Society

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Technical Specifications CE5
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With its practical configuration and full 360° acrylic pressure hull, this exceptional submersible cruises at 3 knots below the surface offering unparalleled performance

Freedom, autonomy and vision, the C-Explorer 5 offers an infinite array of opportunities that are just waiting to be explored. For yachts to explore the depths of the oceans and for tourist operators that want to offer their clientele a semi-private undersea experience, this submersible is forging a new window of opportunity. It features a full 360° acrylic pressure hull and can unambiguously call itself world’s first subsea limousine.