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U-Boat Worx is synonymous with safety and perfection. The U-Boat Worx submersibles are the most advanced private submarines ever built and have set the standards for 21st century underwater exploration.

These Dutch quality personal subs are built in small series at the company`s headquarters in Breda, where hundreds of parts are meticulously put together to provide clients with the safest, most innovative and most luxurious submersibles on the market.

  About us
“Create a high performing, manoeuvrable, safe, comfortable and cost-effective submersible”.  With this philosophy in mind, U-Boat Worx was founded in The Netherlands in 2005 with the objective of creating subs with unprecedented "value for money". We now know them as the C-Explorers, HP Sport Sub 2, Super Yacht Sub 3 and Read more...
C-Explorer-3-luxury-private-submarine---diving-in-the-deep   Mission and Vision
U-Boat Worx is committed to becoming the world`s biggest and best trendsetting submersible manufacturer, building versatile submersibles to cater to a diverse, passionate group of end-users. Read more...
C-Explorer-3-luxury-private-submersible---returning-to-the-surface-after-deep-dive   Careers
U-Boat Worx understands that manufacturing an exceptional submersible requires more than just the components – it takes a team of highly talented, dedicated people. Whether it’s hydraulics, electronics, sales or purchasing - the company believes that every role is extremely important to the success of their submersibles and the company as a whole. Read more...