U-Boat Worx’ dealers are the company’s ambassadors around the world. Maintaining strong ties with Breda, the dealers will ensure that selecting your submersible is an unforgettable experience, whether it`s intended for private or commercial use.

U-Boat Worx deems it essential that the knowledge of the C-Questers, C-Explorer, HP Sport Sub and Super Yacht Sub is second to none. Each distributor, being an established and respected specialist in their own territory, will be delighted to discuss your requirements in detail with you in order to ensure that your submersible meets your every expectation.

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Dealers Wanted
U-Boat Worx is looking to expand its sales network around the globe with dedicated partners who are interested in marketing the full line of U-Boat Worx submersibles in their respective regions and have the network and capability to make this possible.

U-Boat Worx would especially like to focus on the (super) yachting, high-end tourism and HNWI markets and is also interested in exploring the potential of the research-oriented market. Companies that can demonstrate a solid reputation and relevant experience are invited to send an e-mail to with their background information.



Their activity in naval architecture focuses on the field of luxury yachting, particularly on the design and
creation of new motor yachts from 25 meter up to mega yachts from 50 to 110 meter very exclusive. They also
study refit and conversion projects of ships high-end custom. They develop plans and 3D images of exterior
and interior for the ship`s construction. For U-Boat Worx they have designed a custom solution:
 the « Mini sub transporter »

Ardoin Yacht Design
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06905 Sophia Antipolis Cedex. France
Phone: +33 (0) 624 384 595