Press Release 02 July 2015 - U-Boat Worx unveils Roman shipwreck
Submarine expedition unveils Roman shipwreck secrets in Sicilian waters".
Available in English.

Press Release 21 April 2015 - U-Boat Worx explores Asia-Pacific region
"U-Boat Worx explores Asia-Pacific region".
Available in English.

Press Release 15 April 2015 - C-Explorer 3 wins Red Dot Award
"C-Explorer 3 submersible by U-Boat Worx wins Red Dot Design Award".
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Press Release 3 April 2015 - Submersible Pilot Training Courses
"Learn to drive a submarine and explore the depths of the Mediterranean Sea".
Available in English.

Press Release 26 February 2015 - SubSea Explorers

"Explore ancient Roman shipwrecks in new deep sea archeology adventure".
Available in English.

High resolution images C-Explorer Submersibles (use "save target as" to download high-res images)

  C-Explorer 5 submersible_1A C-Explorer 5 submersible_1B           C-Explorer 5 submersible_2A C-Explorer 5 submersible_2B
 C-Explorer 5 submersible_3A  C-Explorer 5 submersible_3B C-Explorer 5 submersible_4A C-Explorer 5 submersible_4B

 C-Explorer 5 submersible_5AC-Explorer 5 submersible_5B C-Explorer 5 submersible_6 C-Explorer 2 Submersible High-resolution    
C-Explorer 3 private submersible at wreck C-Explorer 3 private luxury submersible diving C-Explorer 3 private submarine above wreck C-Explorer 3 private submarine at stern of wreck  
C-Explorer 3 private submarine breaking the surface  C-Explorer 3 private submarine at bow of wreck