LED Light   Lights
The submersible`s standard configuration does not include underwater lights. Both models offer the choice of two different configurations:

Two extreme LED lights with the industry’s highest colour temperature and the latest LED technology can be mounted on your personsal submersible. Rated to 3,000 meter, two of these extraordinary lights are also provided on the sides of the submersible to create a “sea of light”.
Manipulator/Sampling Arm
The C-Explorers and Super Yacht Sub 3 are available with various manipulator arms. The stainless steel jaw is fitted with a cutting device and can also act as a seabed sample collector. This multi-purpose arm is mounted on the bow of the submersible and can be jettisoned in an emergency.
  Hydraulic Manipulator arm for U-Boat Worx submersibles
USBL System   Topside Tracking System (USBL)
Knowing the exact location of the sub makes the operation a lot easier. An Ultra-short Baseline Tracking (USBL) system has two facets: a transponder mounted on the submersible, and another transponder on the surface that is linked to a PC, which shows the relative distance of the submersible to the support ship. Combining the system with GPS gives you all the information you need.
HD Video Camera System
A 6,000 meter depth rated full high-definition underwater zoom camera is the ultimate way to get the best footage ever made. The camera is mounted on the bow of the submersible and the system includes a controllable pan & tilt unit. A full HD, uncompressed video feed is brought into the pressure hull from where it can be viewed on the onboard screen and recorded on an array of high-speed flash drives.
  Private submarine HD video camera system
Sonar view of sunken airplane from submarine vehicle   Imaging Sonars
Imaging sonars allow the operator of a submersible to see beyond their own capabilities. Various high-resolution imaging sonars available on the market can create clear pictures of a dive site, spot marine life and even assist with navigation.
Sub-bottom Profilers
If you need to obtain a clear picture of what lies below the seabed, a Sub Bottom Profiler will be showing you all you need to know. Parametric sub-bottom profiling is now possible from this compact, low power unit from your submersible.
  Sub bottom profiler for U-Boat Worx submarine applications
Submarine navigations system DVL   Doppler Velocity Log Inertial Navigation System
The most common solution is the NavQuest 600P Micro DVL that includes the NavQuest Studio software, heading /pitch/roll/temperature sensor and is to 800 meter. The unit has a 0.2% accuracy. Various other options exist, which might be more suitable.
Underwater Modem
Subsea Data Modems are an exciting new development in the field of through-water communications. It provides robust spread spectrum data transmission from an extremely compact and low cost unit. It can be used in conjunction with the standard acoustic underwater communication to send real-time scientific data or text messages.
  Underwater Modem for Wireless Communication U-Boat Worx submersible
Luxury iPod stereo configuration private submersible   Luxury Pack
In addition to the pleasure of being under water, you can also enjoy the experience of listening to your favourite music whilst enjoying a cool drink. The unique luxury pack takes it all a step further than ever before with an iPod stereo system and custom cool box. Finally, a superior set of seats is introduced and as each submersible`s interior is hand-made, you can select the final details of the design.