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The U-Boat Worx Pilot Training Courses
Waterproof Expeditions and U-Boat Worx are excited to announce a new range of Pilot Training Courses. This is a one-off opportunity to spend 2 up to 10 days exploring the depths of the clear azure seas around the beautiful Mediterranean island of Malta. At the end of the course you’ll be a fully accredited submersible pilot, qualified to dive solo in a private sub anywhere in the world. And you’ll have had the time of your life.

Download the brochure for more information. If you like to register your interest please send us an email. 

Four Exciting Pilot Training Programs
U-Boat Worx is pleased to offer a four different programs:

Introduction Pilot Course (IPL)

For whom:   For anyone fascinated by the deep Ocean and dreams of a deep sea experience.
    No pre-study. Hands-on. Focused on diving.
Duration:   2 days with approx. 6 dives.
Price:   € 4,175 per person.

Starting dates:

  Summer 2016


Supervised Pilot License Course (SPL)

For whom:   For anyone interested to learn more about submarine operations. 
    Limited pre-study. Hands-on. Focused on diving, but with more explanation,
procedures and serious training objectives. Pilots will be allowed to dive the sub
and operate under direct supervision of a pilot.
Duration:   4 days with approx. 12 dives.
Price:   € 8,025 per person.
Starting dates:   Summer 2016

Private Pilot License Course (PPL)

For whom:   For anyone interested to operate a C-Explorer 3 under supervision of a Pilot.
    You will be trained through pre-study theory and practical instruction.
Duration:   6 days (plus home study) with approx. 20 dives.


  € 26,955 per person.
Starting dates:   Summer 2016

Chief Pilot License Course (CPL)

For whom:   For crew working with submersibles and owners. 
    The CPL gives the opportunity to plan and perform dives with the C-Explorer 3
submersibles all over the world, as an official U-Boat Worx Pilot.
Duration:   10 days with approx. 26 dives.
Price:    € 31,130 per person. 
Starting date:   Summer 2016

For sub owners and thrill-seekers alike

Use our course to take the vacation of a lifetime – under the sea. You’ll pilot a U-Boat Worx C-Explorer 3 while exploring some of Malta’s most beautiful wrecks, from warships and airplanes to stunning artificial reefs. You’ll have a totally unimpeded panoramic view thanks to the submersible`s clear 360º acrylic spherical hull.

Whether your pilot’s license is your main objective, or an added benefit, you’ll experience some of the most stunning dive sites on Earth from the luxury of a private submersible.

Your typical sub-sea experience
After breakfast each day we’ll collect you from your accommodation, and bring you by tender to the U-Boat Worx 30-meter yacht. There you’ll learn a little theory, but the bulk of your time will be aboard the C-Explorer 3 submersible. We’ll return you to your hotel for dinner.


The complete package
U-Boat Worx is pleased to offer this unique opportunity in partnership with Waterproof Expeditions. In the meantime we’ll provide all the equipment and expertise. All you need to bring is your suitcase, sunglasses and sense of adventure (sunglasses optional).


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We can’t wait to hear from you. Clear seas!