HiPer Sub 2

The high-performance sport submarine

  • 2
  • 100 m
  • 2,200 kg
  • 10 hours

HiPer Sub 2 – ready for take-off on your underwater flight experience.


As the name indicates, this is a high performance sport submersible. It is one of a kind, hydrodynamically designed, optimised using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to deliver high-speed precision manoeuvres.

Rolling and descending vertically, hovering above the seabed in the comfort of a fully pressurised hull capable of three times the speed of conventional subs, the HiPer Sub 2 represents the next generation of performance submersibles, delivering a thrilling experience to those who enjoy action-packed adventure.

The best dive experience

  • Total safety

    Safety remains the number one priority at U-Boat Worx, and in pioneering safe and reliable underwater “flight”, the HiPer Sub 2 is the embodiment of faultless design and formidable function.

  • u-boat-worx-information-system_01

    Effortless control

    The SHARC controller is the key to precision piloting of this revolutionary underwater submarine with aeroplane-like characteristics.

  • Uncompromised Surface Capabilities

    The HiPer Sub 2 provides high surface stability and freeboard for in-water boarding. Safe surface transfer of pilot and passengers extend the operational capabilities.

  • super-yacht-sub-3-thruster_01

    Maximal manoeuvrability and speed

    The strategically-placed, high-powered electrical thrusters deliver awesome power to pilot the submersible in any direction or position required. Hydrobatics are not just possible, they are a must-do.



Four vectored-vertical thrusters allow the submersible to adapt any possible heel, pitch or attitude that results in the most spectacular views for the occupants.


The design of HiPer Sub has been based on CFD flow calculations. This technology has resulted in a spectacular reduction of drag and enhanced manoeuvrability

Flexible lifting points

The flexible lifting points on the HiPer Sub can be attached to any lifting equipment.

  • Front View

Key Specifications & Features

  • Depth

    100 meters

  • Occupants

    1 pilot, 1 passenger

  • Endurance

    6 hours

  • Speed

    6 knots

  • Weight

    2,200 kg

  • Width

    273 cm

  • Length

    316 cm

  • Height

    148 cm

  • Lithium-ion Battery Technology

    The latest in Lithium-ion battery technology is used to give our submersibles the ultimate performance, lowest weight, smallest footprint, and best endurance possible. The Lithium-ion battery can be quickly recharged and is maintenance-free.

  • SHARC Controller

    This special controller developed for the hydrobatic HiPer Sub allows for intuitive manoeuvrability under any angle or pitch. Both occupants can take control without switching seats.

  • MARLIN Controller

    Developed to make Launch & Recovery effortless and efficient, the MARLIN Controller is a wireless remote to navigate the submarine on the surface. Once the submarine is in the water the controller can be used to navigate it away from the support vessel without a pilot inside. It can also be used to bring the submarine into position above a dive site or for easy passenger transfer.

  • Auto-depth

    With Auto-depth engaged, the submersible will hold steady at its current depth. When applying vertical thrust, the function will automatically disengage and seamlessly respond to the pilot’s commands. This function is part of the Intelligent Pilot Assistance Features.

  • Auto-heading

    When Auto-heading is activated, the submersible will automatically hold its current heading, whether following a course or facing an object of interest. This function is part of the Intelligent Pilot Assistance Features.

  • UIS

    The U-Boat Worx Information System (UIS) gives the pilot direct access to all relevant information on a clear touch-screen display. This PLC-based sensory network ensures the right information is provided at the right time. The UIS makes diving effortless.

  • Container Fit

    This submersible is designed to fit in a shipping container. Perfect for when the submersible needs to be transported to and deployed in different locations.

  • Maximum depth protection

    The MDP feature prevents the pilot from diving deeper than the submarine’s maximum operating depth. In case the submersible should ever find itself too deep, this safety feature will automatically raise the sub until it is once again within its ideal depth limits.

  • Deadman's Switch

    This DMS safety system will automatically resurface the submersible in the unlikely event that the pilot becomes incapable of controlling the submarine. The pilot needs to acknowledge the DMS every 10 minutes, otherwise it will initiate the ascent procedure.

  • Drop Weight

    This weight can be manually released from within the submersible to increase the buoyancy of the submarine and return to the surface.

  • Safety Buoy

    The red buoy is characteristic for U-Boat Worx submersibles. When released it marks the position of the submarine on the surface. The Dyneema Rope attached measures 1.5 x the operating depth of the submersible, and is strong enough to lift it to the surface.

  • Pinger

    A Pinger gives out a pulse that can be received on the surface. With the receiver unit, you can pinpoint the exact position of the submarine when submerged.

  • DNV-GL Certification

    Certified by leading classification society, DNV-GL, requires each individual submersible to meet stringent and extensive rules and regulations, as well as pass a range of rigorous test and trials from design to final delivery. Overseen by independent surveyors, this is an independent verification of the safety of every U-Boat Worx submersible.



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